PSA Code of Behavior

The purpose of the Code of Behavior is to formally define the type of conduct expected of all members of Properties Sports Association (PSA) sponsored organizations and sports programs. The behavior of participants in sports programs is regulated, during the activity, by the rules of the sport. The Code of Behavior provides a set of guidelines when the rules of the sport are not in effect.
The following guidelines shall be observed by members of all PSA sponsored organizations and sports programs at their respective home base and away base of activity.
  1. Participants shall exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.
  2. Participants shall obey the rules and regulations of events and shall co-operate in their enforcement. Any dispute regarding rulings and their enforcement shall be referred to the appropriate community official for resolution.
  3. Participants shall refrain from willfully damaging or causing damage to facilities and equipment provided for their use as well as the property of others.
  4. Participants shall refrain from verbal or physical abuse of any and all participants.
  5. Participants shall refrain from using profane language while in the company of other participants.
  6. Participants shall refrain from taunting other participants.
  7. Participants are expected to act in a manner that would reflect well on PSA and the community, and encourage such behavior in others.
  8. The use of alcohol (other than medicine) and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited by direct participants while representing PSA in any sport event.
Penalties for Non-Compliance:
In the event a Participant violates the Code of Behavior, the PSA Individual Sports Committee involved may, at its sole discretion, suspend that participant from participation in that sport and related activities for a time that the Individual Sports Committee deems appropriate.


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